LJ Leathers was set up in 1999. Its main purpose was to be able to offer products to riders of any level with the very best price-quality ratio. Success followed almost immediately which gave LJ Leathers the opportunity to grow in a short space of time to become a supplier of leather goods for the whole horse riding sector.

The range includes all types of headgear and accessories. LJ Leathers entered the saddle market in 2008. The shape and quality of the product range are appreciated by both professional and amateur riders.

Our leather is selected by professionals who give both practical and active support by seeking out leather in India, the UK and Argentina.

The products are finished in the first instance in India. However, due to the expansion of the product range, there is now also a production unit in Argentina. In both continents, workers are selected for their craftsmanship and led by enthusiastic professionals who ensure continuous monitoring with regard to finish and quality.

All finished products are sent by air to prevent them from travelling over long distances and coming into contact with damp. In this way, our products maintain their freshness and consistent quality.

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27-01-2017  //  Nederlandse Ambassadrice op Jumping Amsterdam

Trots zijn we dat de Nederlandse amazone Thamar Zweistra die met onze New Pro Dressage hoofdstellen rijd, zaterdag zo maar even in de Kur mag aantreden op de CDI in Amsterdam.
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05-01-2017  //  Happy New Year

Our best wishes for the new year. We hope you have lot's of fun with your horses.
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14-03-2016  //  Tech Stirrup Venice

We willen het allemaal niet mee maken maar toch gebeurt het. Bij een val vast blijven zitten in de beugel.
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